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What is an Annual Wellness Visit?
The AWV is an office visit where a comprehensive health assessment is done which identifies gaps in care for immunizations, cancer screens and other conditions. It also identifies risks for accidents at home by screening for gait instability, unsafe home environments, and early memory loss. All patients receive a personalized report with a
5-Year Wellness Plan and a 90-Day Pathway to complete wellness.

Who is the AWV For?
The AWV is for seniors (65+) who want to stay healthy by making sure all their routine health maintenance and yearly screening tests are done. This is also for caregivers or children of elderly parents who want to make sure their loved ones are well cared for and safe.

What Does an AWV Cost?
It is free for anyone who has Traditional Medicare Insurance. For others, there will be a nominal fee.

Is the AWV a Yearly Physical?
The AWV is different then the Yearly Physical because it focuses on detecting serious conditions at an early stage and preventing falls and accidents. You will partner with a doctor to develop a 5-Year Wellness Plan to keep you, or a loved one, healthy, robust and active for as long as possible.

  • Free to Medicare Patients
  • No Copay / No Deductible
  • Detect Cancers Early
  • Prevent Strokes
  • Avoid Hospital Admissions
  • Receive a 5-Year Wellness Plan

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Dr. Jeff Epstein
Dr. Epstein has been involved in Aesthetic Medicine since 2005 when he opened his first Cosmetic Skin Care Center in Cherry Hill New Jersey. He is a founding member of the Medical Aesthetic Practice Association (MAPA) and a Fellow of the American Board of Cosmetic Medicine. His passion has always been wellness and health. He understands that people are healthier when they are happier. When you feel good about yourself, including your looks, everything works better including your heart and lungs, your brain and your immune system.

Dr. Epstein is adding an exciting new element to his Wellness and Aesthetic focus, and that is the Annual Wellness Visit. These annual visits with the doctor are free to Medicare patients and can help prevent hospitalizations and emergency room visits. They can even help save lives!

Dr. Epstein is Board Certified in General Internal Medicine and Geriatric Medicine. He has had a varied and exciting career practicing primary care for over 15 years, working for commercial health insurance companies, and working for hospitals and large health systems as a medical director and physician advisor.